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Besides, she is willing to go in the whole of the flight of a hard life worthy of the trouble of bringing against betake himself. And he hates from any pain her.

109 million dollar real estate NFT, accelerator, apparel shops with fitting rooms in Digital Twin Building by Zweispace

February 28, 2022

Owner of the NFT is invited to real estate blockchain and Metaverse projects. Part of the income will go to the charity project for restaurants and artists. Zweichain (Z...

Zweichain Real estate-based NFT, ZWEINOTE-Tokyo Presi series. Start at 109 million USD. The purchaser is invited to each project such as real estate blockchain and Metaverse. Partly contributed to a charity project for food and artists during COVID-19.

January 20, 2022

ZWEINOTE-TokyoPresi series. 109 million dollars. Purchased owner of the NFT, will be invited to real estate blockchain and metaverse projects. Part of the income wil...

Zwei Media apps beta version released both in iOS and Android.

December 10, 2021

Zweispace releasing “Zwei Media app”, to expand the functionality of the Zweispace Media website. When clocking this internet logo in Zwei Media mobile app and read the article...

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